Frank Ligi(non-registered)
Andy, you sure have an eye for beauty and placement. Love to view your work. Hurry up and retire, its great. Retired last year and enjoying every minute.
Your old time buddy, Frank
Geoff Thrasher(non-registered)
Andy, your pictures , I cant find words to describe. Every time I view your pictures
I am amazed
Jim and Cori Kinnerup(non-registered)
Absolutely Gorgeous!
Craig Wallwork(non-registered)

Fantastic and beautiful need I say more....
Jack Brown
Thank you very much i really appreciate your photos they are very lovely and inspiring photo i wish i could be like that pro like you.
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Bill Whitlow(non-registered)
Sa'weeeeeeeet collections of photos!
Rosalind Brown(non-registered)
Spec-tac-u-lar!!! Need I say more?
Grace Glacken(non-registered)
Love the Swiss Alps. Lived that world. but you captured the beauty even more than I saw with my own eyes. Unreal, your shots!
Anil Chandran(non-registered)
Very impressive!!
Keonie Beckford(non-registered)
Andy Andy, Awesome .. That's all I have to say!
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