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George Washington Bridge copy_-1010912Hyannis Port Waiting for the Ferry copy_-1010923Boats in Hyannis harbor copy_-1010925Hyannis Harbor boat copy_-1010927Ferry ticket office copy_-1010929Wallis boarding ferry copy_-1010932Grey Lady Fast Ferry copy_-1010933Wallis on the ferry copy_-1010938Wallis's best behavior copy_-1010942Wallis resting by grandpa copy_-1010944Rear of the ferry crossing to Nantucket copy_-1010949Nantucket Harbor - Brant Point Lighthouse copy_-1010960Nantucket Harbor - Brant Point Lighthouse copy_-1010969Nantucket Harbor copy_-1010987Nantucket Harbor copy_-1010997The fast ferry leaving Nantucket  copy_-32172Town Hall copy_-2542Traditional home copy_-2538Boat house, one of many near harbor copy_-2543View of harbor  copy_-2545